Sunday, 18 January 2015

Back again - Happy New Year Everyone ...

We are back from our trip to some sun
Didn't have quite as much sun as we would like
Even had some rain and fog
and had to wear leggings and fleeces!!
I know you have had some horrid weather
But the sun is shining and there is lots of blue sky here at the moment.
It is jolly cold though.
I will show you some holiday snaps later
(I heard the groan!  Promise it won't be too many)
I have had a go at making a small video for my grandchildren
They loved it, perhaps you will like it too.
I hope it will make you smile.

Atlantorexus getulus - Barbary ground squirrel or chipmunk.

These cute (but not always welcome) little creatures abound in Fuerteventura.
We had a good walking area near to where were staying 
and it was obvious that the chipmunks were being fed.
So naturally we had to do the same.
Fascinating creatures!

Ann x