Wednesday, 14 July 2010


This day of dance was held at the National Botanic Garden of Wales on 10 July. As you can see I took so many photographs that I have not had time to sort them out until now. I hope you enjoy them. The day began with a parade down from the entrance atrium to the Millennium Square. Here is part of the parade ...

Spanish dancers from Valencia.

Welsh country dancers.

Country dance musicians.

Some of the Scottish country dancers.

Welsh country dancers and their musicians.

Let the Dancing Begin!

The massed dance in Millennium Square to start things off.

A Welsh country dancer, awaiting her turn.

More dancers.

The Spanish ladies' intricate hair-piece.

Spanish gent with his castanets.

One of the many Welsh country dancers.

Spanish Dancers from Valencia

These dancers were very striking and I'm afraid they were my favourites from the day. All the ladies really looked as if they were enjoying every minute hugely and the gentlemen were the same. They (the men) paid the greatest of attention to their partners and obviously were well used to giving their performances and therefore made a beautiful spectable for us to watch and enjoy.

They really enjoyed their dancing and the plaited hair-pieces the ladies had added to their hair were very intricate. They were all impecably dressed.

Are all Spaniards as good looking as this?

A very delightful lady dancer. Not one of the youngest either!

The gentlemen were very fleet of foot and light on their feet!

Country Dancers

One of the several groups of Welsh country dancers. I did get invited to dance when they 'went public' and thoroughly enjoyed myself, in spite of two left feet! Thankfully there are no photographs of the event!


Although we particularly went to the gardens for the dancing, we could not ignore the gardens themselves, which were looking particularly magnificent after a lot of recent rain. A lot of the flowers were at their best ...

More Flowers!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


This was another great walk with our U3A walking group. We started in Broadhaven car park and went via Haroldston Woods up to Haroldston Chins and thence on to the Coast Path back along to Broadhaven, finishing up in The Ocean Cafe for lunch.

Tenby U3A Walking Group on Broad Haven promenade.

Another busy Pembrokeshire road!

We don't quite know why 'Chins', but there are several small rocky outcrops below the cliff which we assume are the reason for the name. If you know any different please let me know!

Don't know the name of this outcrop, but we felt it had been very well laid - just like a carpet!

Heather and yellow daisies on the cliff path.

'Sleek Rock' - for obvious reasons.

Neither of the other ladies who visited the cafe's loos remarked upon this unusual 'loo-for-two'. Presumably you could just sit and chat, help your friend who was suffering from one too many or it was meant for mother-and-child!! Extraordinary! I have never seen one like it before, hence taking a photograph!

A curious jackdaw on the promenade wall.

Too windy for a swim or surf!

Life Savers!
We all voted this our best walk so far.

Pembrokeshire Fish Week

We have had quite a few outings during Pembrokeshire Fish Week and so I have not found the time to update the photographs. Anyway, I have made it at last, so I hope you enjoy them.

Slebech Park 'Courtyard Capers'

Slebech Park held 'Courtyard Capers' as part of their Fishweek celebrations. In spite of the weather we enjoyed some delicious barbecued foot. There was Spanish, Thai and Japanese as well as all sorts of fishy dishes to choose from. We were entertained by 'Fiddlebox' the fiddle and accordian duo of Helen Adams and George Whitfield.

The huge seafood paella cooked by TV chef Angela Gray.

Fiddlebox by the salad bar.

Smoked salmon, fresh salmon, anything salmon!!

Hazy view towards the Cleddau River. It was beautiful as it was in the mist, but we hope to go back in some better weather and see it at is very best.


There was plenty happening down on Saundersfoot Beach so in spite of the weather it was very busy with bouncy castles, lifeguards, plenty of folk in the sea and stalls and a bbq in part of the harbour car park.

I didn't see any takers for the sunloungers though!

I don't think the ice-cream lady was doing much business either, she looked very glum!

The boats moored gave a brighter picture from the other side of the harbour.

Very busy with visitors parking down by the harbour.

Tied up neatly against the harbour wall.

Looking across Saundersfoot Bay to Amroth village.

2 July 2010

Stepaside to Wiseman's Bridge

One of our favourite walks as it is easy to get to and easy to do, but can be very picturesque.

Although it was quite an overcast day, the light coming through the trees was very beautiful, especially when a bit of sun crept through as well.

Strips of sunlight.

Beautiful skies down at Wiseman's Beach, in spite of the rain showers.

We sat outside the Wiseman's Bridge pub for a coffee and a beer and watched the world go by!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Tenby Harbour

Tenby Harbour managed to look quite colourful this morning, even though it was starting to rain and eventually managed to rain most of the day!! Still, the garden needed it!