Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A few days away .....

We took ourselves off for a couple of days.
First via Abergavenny during market day.
Then to the Black Country Museum in Dudley
and finally back via Aberglasney Gardens.
Lots of pictures taken for you to scroll through
Hope you enjoy them.
Never seen pigs flying before!!

 Abergavenny town centre
Then onwards to Dudley for the Black Country Museum.

 I really fancied this 'yellow peril'.
We were told she had done the London to Brighton Run
 Not been in a red bus for a while.
Then it was round all the little houses
They had all been specially moved to the museum brick by brick
A lovely fireplace in the 'front room' 
Our scullery in North London had one of these coppers in the corner.
I grew up in Clapton during WW2. I don't remember my mother ever
using the copper for her washing though! 
The chemist's store 
The hardware store.
The range of goods to see was astonishing and would fetch a fortune at auctions.
Piles and piles of galvanised buckets, baths and pails
and lots of wonderful kitchenalia including the Tala measuring jug still in use today!

Another kitchen/outhouse, reminiscent of my childhood
My maternal grandmother had a similar mangle in her scullery. 

The above chain-making area was used during the filming of Peaky Blinders.

Last sight of the bus which gave tours round the grounds.

 Then to the beautiful Aberglasney Gardens, Carmarthenshire.

Ending with tea and cake!
Ann x