Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Penally and Lydstep

This was another fabulous walk in fabulous weather. We have been so lucky recently and only had a few nights of much needed rain to turn everything green and lush.
After parking at Penally station we took off to Penally village and walked along the ridgeway behind it, all the time accompanied by some wonderful coastal views.
Past some derelict farm buildings and the yard where the ghosts of cattle still seemed to linger.
The maize was just beginning to show itself.
Presumably not being bothered too much by the lack of rain.
Don't know the name of this gorgeous wild plant, can anyone tell me please?
After walking inland and past Trefloyne Golf club we went seaward again towards Lydstep and the bay.
Spectacular views from the Coast Path.
The rugged scenery. I always wish I knew more geology, as the landscape is so interesting.
As we returned along the path we had this dramatic view of Caldey Island, with its beach just showing palely towards the horizon. We are planning a trip across to Caldey soon and I am looking forward to that as although we live in the area we have never been there.
Lots of gorgeous places to visit for anyone coming here on holiday.
Ann x

Recently ...

On our favourite Carew Castle walk the other day.
The medieval brickwork stands out in the evening light.
Close-up and soft focus.
This was a magical walk in the early evening sunshine.
Ann x

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Is this war or rape! .....

It was very viscious at the bottom of the garden this morning.
We had never seen anything like it.
At first we thought they were mating, but then we thought otherwise.
The poor robin underneath looked terrified, but perhaps that is rough robin-sex.
They did both fly off, apparently none the worse for wear, eventually.
Does anyone know the answer?
After the trauma I took a peaceful walk around the rest of the garden.
Clematis and roses - calming and peaceful - looking glorious in the sunshine.
We sunbathed this afternoon.
Hope you had a good day.
Ann x

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Found - In the Garden!

Sitting folornly on our garden table was this little fledgling. Not quite sure whether it is a sparrow or a chaffinch. We kept checking it was OK for an hour or so and when I went out just now it had disappeared, so we hope it has flown somewhere safely and is being looked after by its parent.
I am not a gardener! as shown by my pathetic spring onions below. I know they will eventually grow and taste absolutely wonderful, but why do they always struggle so much when I have anything to do with them!

Other Half's broad beans however, are looking very healthy and we can't wait to eat the produce.
On the other hand I have to say that my tomatoes do seem to be doing very well, especially since I have put them in the special plastic grow bag pots, - only time will tell ...
Our chives and oregano are doing very well though.
Hope your garden is doing well now that things are 'burgeoning'.
Ann x

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Mousehole ...

I bet you thought I'd shown you all my holiday snaps, but here are a few more!
The picturesque village of Mousehole always has something of interest to see.
A colourful souvenir in one of the many quaint shops.
The harbour at a very low tide.
Keigwin Manor was originally a 16th century manor house. This is the only building to survive after Mousehole was destroyed in 1595 by the Spaniard Carlos de Amesquita when he raided Mounts Bay.
Lots of interesting little lanes leading to quaint cottages.
Lots of fishing boats in the harbour waiting for the incoming tide.
A fascinating village to visit if you are ever in West Cornwall.
Ann x

Sunday, 8 May 2011

On Saturday ...

First trip of the year to our favourite Gardens at Picton Castle. They were amazing.
Wonderful tree peonies.
Dragonflies mating on the lilies in the Walled Garden.
Hundreds of tadpoles in the sunny corners of the Walled Garden pond.
This flower was something I have never seen before, but I forgot to make a note of what it is.The main entrance to the house.
Wonderful azaleas and rhododendrons everywhere.
So delicate, especially with the raindrops after a shower of rain.
Wild garlic, smelling wonderful.
A lovely start to our weekend.
Ann x

3,000 Visitors .....

I have just noticed that my Visitor Count has gone over 3,000. I am amazed that so many of you visit my humble blog and am very grateful.

As I am sure many of you know, sometimes it is very easy to find something to blog about and sometimes it takes a real effort.

There are so many wonderful, interesting, thought provoking, hard-working bloggers and bloggesses(?) and all of you give me ideas and make me think about my life, especially when you are having a hard time and my life is going swimmingly.

I love to look at your blogs and thank you once again for looking at mine.

Ann x

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Girls - Update ...

Just phoned their new family to check that they have settled in.

They were asleep when they arrived at their new home last night and therefore transferred easily into their house, which had gone with them.

They are happily 'pecking about and laying eggs'. Margot has already laid hers and one of the speckledys was making a noise and getting ready to do the same.

We are happy and relieved to know that everything seems to be fine.

Their new children will be collecting their eggs on returning from school this afternoon.

Relief on our part and happiness and excitement on the new owners.

Ann x

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Goodbye Girls ...

Our girls have moved on this evening.

They are going to a family to live in an orchard.

Bluebell, Margot, Sussex, Henny-Penny, Speckledy and Rosalind.

We loaded up their house and off they went, but not before ...

They gave us a farewell present of a magnificent two-yolker - from Sussex. She always gave us the dark brown speckledy eggs. Margot laid the white one, but we were never sure who gave us the others.

In January they gave us 108 eggs, in February 133, in March 180 and in April 141. A total of 562 eggs this year alone, the majority of which paid for their feed.

We have had them for a year and of course we shall miss them and their funny ways and hope they settle down quickly in their new home.

We are planning to move ourselves and downsize eventually so would not have space for them. Also we have not had any holiday break during the past year and wish to do a bit of travelling, maybe even purchase a trailer tent! But that's another story we hope.

Ann x