Thursday, 22 March 2012

Viv ...

This was Viv a year ago.
Last night we went for a meal with her and her husband.
An hour after we left she had a seizure and died.
She had motor neurone disease.
She dealt with it with such fortitude that put us all to shame.
She never complained.
She was always laughing and happy and putting us and her friends in our place.
Her husband looked after her and cared for her selflessly and alone.
Neither of them wished to have any other help unless absolutely necessary.
She will be sorely missed by us all.
Ann x

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

What can I do with those?

'Those' were 8 old clementines and 1 old apple (been on the sideboard for ages)
then OH made a request for "mince pies" - doesn't he know Christmas has finished!
Got the brain in gear and made Clementine and Lemon jam and a mincemeat tart.
Problem solved.
The jam/marmalade is gorgeous on toast for breakfast.
The mincemeat tart was yummy with custard.
Ann x
1. Fresh lemons
2. Bag of Sugar for Jam in the cupboard
3. Remembering to keep my old jam jars!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Unblocked - Update ...

They came, they saw, they unblocked!
However, not before they had found another manhole right down near to the road.
It was covered by earth, leaves, branches and brambles.
The main blockage was caused by the roots of trees nearby.
It was a very horrible sight, so I did not take any photos!
Its ironic really, because we have just arranged to have that portion of the front garden given a makeover and plan to take out the trees that had caused the trouble. They are very old and overgrown and not easy to prune and tidy up any more.
It will be a few days before it smells sweet though!
Ann x

Waiting to be unblocked!!

Each one of these manhole covers hides a nasty problem full to the brim!
We had been noticing something not quite right for a few days and had gone about the place with bleach, hot water, brushes etc, etc.
This morning OH went about things with a crowbar and a hosepipe. No good.
Went to local merchants and bought some drain rods. No good.
Went next door and borrowed their drain rods. They were having the same problem. No good.
Rang the Council who put us on to Welsh Water/Sewerage.
The nice man said he would get someone to attend within 4 hours.
I hope he does!
Ann x

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Never been tagged before! .....

Saphy has tagged me and sent all the instructions, so here goes :

The Rules..
1. Post these rules
2. Post 11 things about yourself
3. Answer the questions provided by the one who tagged you
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag
5. Go to their blog and tell them they've been tagged

Things about myself :
1. I'm a Londoner, brought up in Hackney and Clapton.
2. Met my Other Half on the internet.
3. Love photography. Did the old-fashioned black & white in the past in my own dark room. Some of my large prints still astound me.
4. Do lots of Family History research and find it fascinating.
5. Not very good at gardening.
6. Discovered I like naturist holidays now that my OH has introduced me to them. That all over tan is great.
7. Watch far too much TV - a lot of which is rubbish.
8. "Swam the Channel" in 2010 to raise funds for Aspire (22.7 miles & 1464 lengths of the pool!)
9. Used to go scuba diving.
10. Lived in Penzance for over 30 years.
11. Ran two half marathons in my 50s - Glasgow and Exeter.

My questions from Saphy are:
1. your favourite place
The sunny patio in our garden
2. your most extravagant purchase.
Our sauna in the spare room.
3. chips or jacket potato
Jacket potato.
4. your best holiday
Visit to my son in New Zealand when he was living there.
5. have you broken a bone? if yes how?
Broke my left ankle bone by tripping up a ½ inch kerb!
6. town or country
Town actually, although I live in the country (love that too of course). Must be because I'm a Londoner!
7. the last time you laughed and why
On and off every day. OH and I are always laughing.
8. the last time you cried and why
Earlier this evening watching the 'Musicals' programme. Something would have set me off. It doesn't take much. Anything remotely sentimental, funny or touching, music, etc, etc, etc!!
9. paint or wallpaper
Paint. I am dreading taking the wallpaper off when we next decorate. It's everywhere.
10. Cats or dogs
11. when you are older will you have cosmetic surgery?
NO - I am already older (past my three score years and ten) and have never had anything done - except my nails!

Who to tag :

What I would like to know :
1. Slippers/Shoes or bare feet.
2. Where did you go for your last walk?
3. Favourite colour and why.
4. Which is your favourite West End (or elsewhere) show.
5. Are you practical or academic?
6. What is/or was your favourite Nursery Rhyme?
7. Are you a Leader or a Follower?
8. High heels or flatties?
9. Swimming or the gym
10. Where was your best UK holiday
11. Most daring thing you have ever done.
Ann x