Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Enjoying the sun .....

Appointments and shopping took us to Tenby today.
Town Beach looking magnificent as the tide was going out.
Quite a few folk about and even in the sea!
Magnificent view over South Beach from the Gardens.
Just the place to sit and chat!
Little, Bigger, Biggest!
"When I grow up I want to do the Island Cruise"
All the boats in the harbour now - ready for their Summer trips!
(P.S. Please click on my photographs to see a much better/larger image.)
Really warm and sunny today.
Hope your day was sunny too.
Ann x

Sunday, 24 June 2012

East Williamston Open Gardens ...

The Village of East Williamston opened the gardens of three houses this afternoon.
All proceeds raised were for the local church.
Garden 1
A very large, rough, garden still in process of being 'discovered' through fields of brambles!

Lots of produce in the polytunnel 
The lovely cockerel in charge of about 6 hens. 
The trees are the beginnings of an apple orchard. 
Just a few token flowers.  Everything else was produce for the table or freezer.
Garden 2
Quite different. A haven of tranquility with neat and tidy borders.

Large, peaceful lawned areas.

Peaceful patio areas with quirky sculptures!
Garden 3
Neat, tidy and very productive.
On arrival we discovered we knew the owners through our bowls playing.
Down the path past broad beans, beetroot and carrots. 
The overspill of tomato plants in the heated greenhouse.
The runner beans in the polytunnel are just ready to eat.
The grapes are very prolific already and are a very tasty red which makes good wine and jelly!
All finished off with a Victorian Tea in the Village Hall. 
Pretty Victorian-type patterned crockery, hand embroidered table cloths
and home-made cakes and sandwiches.
The sun shone all day and it was brilliant.
Hope you had a good weekend.
Ann x

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Today ...

 This morning - Bargain from the car boot. £10.  Our old incinerator burned out about 2 years ago and we could not find a replacement that we were happy with.  This one looked exactly the same.  OH was very pleased.  Only minor swearing as he put it together!

 This afternoon.  Planting out the next six tomato plants.  Moneymaker this time.  They are going outside (in the summer sun I hope).  The Tigerellas are in the greenhouse. Not sure where the Gardener's Delight will go.
This evening.  Found this magnificent creature sleeping in one of our gorgeous climbing roses at the bottom of the garden.  Have not had a chance to find him in our insect book.  If you recognise him please let me know!
Ann x

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

From a Low Angle

I came across this blog and have taken her photo challenge
idea of a photo a day.

Well, I'm obviously not very good at it yet because I have just realised
I have taken yesterday's subject!! 
Another senior moment to add to all the rest!

Anyway, I have still uploaded my shots - self-explanatory really.
As I have only just found the blog, I am starting this project on day 13
(just as well it's not Friday!!)

Hope you like my low angles. Tomorrow's is 'Time', must get my thinking cap on.
Why don't you have a go as well?

Ann x

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Just as it starts to rain ...

... I wanted to show you how our June garden is bursting out all over ...

 The pine cones on the pine tree are literally bursting and when they are shaken
they spill out clouds of white powder (the seeds presumably) - just amazing.

 Not sure of the names of the above rockery plants.
 This azalea is a most beautiful prolific pink.
 Absolutely loads of lovely calendula primulas.  Quite a sight.
 Even more masses and masses of this clean, white hesperis.
I always wanted lupins and we bought these last year. 
They have doubled in size and are suddenly putting up lovely bright spears of flowers.
 Our Russian Potato Vine is absolutely enormous and covers a vast area at the bottom of the garden.
 Both apple trees have loads of small fruit.  I know I will have to remove some of them
in order to get a good crop, but for the moment we just admire how many there are.
 These tomato plants have been grown from seed.
Tigerella - and are nearly ready for the grow bags.
 I love red geraniums.
 Lots of this fabulous red rose climbing the fence outside the kitchen window.
Another gorgeous cream climbing rose on the fence.
Hopefully the much needed rain (can't believe I am saying that after what we had in April!)
will get everything off to a brilliant start.
We have potatoes, garlic, spring onions, chard, tomatoes, rhubarb, carrots, beetroot,
runner beans, cabbage, more tomatoes, kale, mixed lettuce, radish just starting
to show their faces.
Hope you're all having a good Jubilee Holiday.
Ann x