Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Pembrokeshire Fish Week

Walkalongway on Newgale Beach

As part of Pembrokeshire Fish Week we went with Walkalongway on a 3 mile evening guided walk along Newgale Beach, up to the Pembrokeshire Coast Path and finished up with a Mackeral BBQ on the beach.

Looking down on fabulous Newgale Beach

The little cove at the bottom of the Cwm Mawr valley.

Cwm Mawr valley cove.
By this time we were surprisingly hot. It had been very overcast and raining in the morning but the evening turned out to be very beautiful.

When we got back to the beach, Helen and Caroline had got the BBQ going and all the mackeral were done to a turn. We sat facing the rising tide and the setting sun. A lovely end to the walk.

Those mackeral were delicious!

At the end of the day!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

"Tipula Maxima" !

"Large Crane Fly" to you and me. The largest of the British crane flies. Found in our larger greenhouse this afternoon. He looks really enormous and I don't like the look of that sharp point at the end of his tail!

The larvae are laid in damp mossy ditches (which we have in the garden). This is a 'better' crane fly than the more common one which hatches from 'leather jackets' which attack the root system of grasses and annoy us gardeners and farmers. So all in all, inspite of its terrifying look it is a good thing to have in the garden!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Colby Woodland and Lodge

A nice walk in Colby Woods and Colby Woodland Lodge this morning. We had planned to have some lunch in the Colby cafe, but when it started to rain a bit, all those customers sitting outside, moved to the indoor restaurant and so of course it was full. Never mind, the walk was great and we started of with a short walk at Wiseman's Bridge, so it was a good morning's exercise.

The rill up to the Gazebo.

Part of the Walled Garden.

The murals in Colby Lodge gazebo.

Colby Lodge gazebo.

Two Woodpeckers!

Just a written report today as I did not have the camera to hand when two woodpeckers appeared on the bird nuts in the garden! We know that they are the Great Spotted Woodpecker from our bird book. We have seen the adult on several occasions but a couple of days ago realised that the woodpecker on the nuts looked different somehow. It had a very bright red crown on its head and its front appeared much paler than the adult and was a juvenile.

This morning they were both on the nuts together and the difference was obvious. After a while the juvenile left the nuts and flew to a nearby branch to await the adult who then also left the nuts and apparently fed some to the younger one from its beak. Just magic! Will try to photograph them if they appear together again. They are very striking.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Pyramidal Orchid

This appeared in our garden a few days ago, along with another one. I waited until it was in full bloom before photographing it. Isn't it beautiful?

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Angle - West to East and Back!

We started our walk in West Angle, walked around the headland and finished up here at Old Point House, Angle for our lunch.

The view from the pub across East Angle Bay towards the power station at Milford Haven.

Floral tranquility on the edge of the pub wall.

Angle Tower

This 14th Century Tower was absolutely fascinating. As you can see from the description at the entrance, it had a drawbridge to enter and even a lavatory down in the basement! It was a three-storey dwelling house and it was a most interesting find. We had often seen it in passing, but because the leader of the group took us via a different route from the one we usuallly take, we went right past and naturally had to visit, even going right up to the top just under the 'look-out' roof.
If you open up the descriptive photo above, you can zoom in and read the information given by CADW about this tower.

Angle Tower

I don't think this narrow winder had any sinister implications, it was just there to let in the light. No arrows or hot oil!!

The fireplace was in evidence down in the bottom floor, so evidently knew the best way to get rid of their smoke.

Walk round Angle Headland

Met up with our walking group this morning in West Angle Car Park. Lots of grey clouds about and we were prepared for being deluged. But, the weather held off and the sun even came out.

The Irish Ferry coming in up the Estuary to Pembroke Dock for the lunch time arrival. She then leaves at about 2.30 pm to arrive in Cork at about 7.00 in the evening. I think they would have had a smooth crossing today.

One of the many view across to Milford Haven and the huge new gas terminal works.

One friend on the walk liked the above shot so much I have to send it to her so that she can do a water colour of it!

A lovely example of a 'Pembrokeshire' tin hut!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


We went on a shortish but beautiful circular walk from the New Inn, Amroth this afternoon. When we returned we had the woodpecker to welcome us back.
A woodpecker visiting our peanut feeder today

Amroth Beach in the evening light.

Marginal flowers at the edge of Amroth Beach.

At certain parts of the walk, the path all but disappeared, but we kept on just the same!

Overnight the 1" of rain had made everything look very green and verdant.

Red Campion.

Going along part of 'Factory Road', near where clogs used to be made. The white blob in the distance is a little dog who followed us nearly all the way, until we got to Colby Lodge and then the restaurant staff phoned the number on his collar to get the owners to collect him!