Sunday, 28 April 2013

Lately I Have Been .....(1) On Holiday

Yes, down to Cornwall again to visit family and friends.
Luckily in lots of sunshine and good weather this time instead of the floods and holdups last time.
St Michael's Mount
I was determined to get up to the top and the Castle this time, in case it 
was the last time I could manage it (spinal stenosis permitting!).
My sister's arm and a walking stick got me there and it was magical!
View from the lower terrace
The Library
The Chevy Chase Room
View from the top terrace across to Marazion
St Michael - the amphibious vehicle.
(Please click on the Play button - there is some video there!)
Because there had been rough seas recently the usual channel used by the motor
boats to ferry passengers had been silted up.  Although it had been cleared once, it had refilled and so the amphibious vehicle had to be used to ferry us back to the mainland.

My sister by the first Golden Pillar Box of the 2012 Olympics.
You may remember that Helen Glover, who won that first Gold Medal with Heather Stanning in the rowing pairs, comes from Penzance and we had an ice cream from her father's shop in Newlyn.
More happenings soon.
Ann x

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

What a Treat!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to this lecture.
What a treat.
Such a charismatic enthusiastic man.
The 200-odd ladies-of-a-certain-age (who comprised nearly all the audience)
were enthralled and asked lots of questions.
I just listened and learned.  
Having only just started to learn quilting - which was his main concentration -
I just wallowed in colour
Although it was Easter Monday
The Welsh Quilt Centre in Lampeter was open to visit the exhibition
'Kaffe Fassett comes to Wales!'
If you get the opportunity - do visit - it is on until November and is wonderful
The lovely quilt shop next to the exhibition, Calico Kate, opened specially
so that all of us from the lecture could go and purchase more and more wonderful
cottons for our quilts - as I did, above.
In fact the two ladies sitting in front of me, shot out at the end of the lecture,
before the question and answer session, and I realised they were the
shop owners hurrying to open up before we all descended.
One of the ladies in my quilting group is making this quilt.
I love the block shapes and think I may have a go at the same thing.
After I have finished the other two projects I have on the go!!
Someone said I would get hooked.  I certainly have!
You can find out all about the Kaffe Fassett exhibition here  .
Keep quilting!
Ann x