Thursday, 4 December 2014

All sorted!

Just heard from the Water Board
They are coming next week to sort out 
the second leak
Because it is the other side of our front wall
they have the responsibility.
There are now lots of pretty blue
painted marks round our water meter and various
crosses by our boundary wall.
Thank goodness!
We do have an excess amount to pay, 
but that is minimal compared to whatever the full 
repairs must have actually cost!
Our insurers have organised everything,
including the 'underground' drain repairers, moving all
the necessary units in our kitchen and utility room,
digging a huge hole outside in our drive
and the other large exploratory hole that found the second leak!
All was tidied up, cleaned,and  swept.
We just emptied out the cupboards and provided tea and soup!
Make sure you keep your insurances up to date
You never know when you may need  them!
Ann x

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Beware - Men at Work!

They're here to repair the leak - Hooray!
Everything shoved aside

Hole dug and inspected!

Lunch break.
Leak diverted.  Repair done.
Then ...
Another leak found, another hole dug!
Checking with the Water Board!
To be continued .....
Gulp ! !
Ann x

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Still waiting for repairs!

No further communications 
regarding our water leak.
They came, they looked and probed
they may need to remove kitchen units!
they should be reporting to the insurance brokers now!
the water board want repairs done
in 14 days!!!
So do we!
things will start moving next week
Fingers crossed.
Ann x

Friday, 14 November 2014

Water Update ...

Our insurers will take care of everything
We will only have to pay any excess.
There is a leak under our driveway
The water operative couldn't locate it properly with his 
special 'wand' 
The insurers will send out their chosen drain people.
The drain people have already phoned us and are coming
out on Wednesday afternoon.
That's what we pay our insurance fees for!
Ann x

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Wet, Wet, Wet ... Shock, shock, shock ...

That's all its been today.
Not a lot to write home about
It has poured with rain all day and been very dank and dark!
We also had a horrible shock in the post this morning
A water bill for £1,686.22!!!
As we have a meter and our last bill was for £157.17 we were aghast to say the least!
Phoned the water board.
Read the meter - the dials were going round at a vast rate!
Told the water board.
They said - read it again with your stop-cock under the sink turned off.
We did 
The dials were still going round at a phenomenal rate!
They are coming to sort it out (hopefully) on Friday
We only hope the fault is not on OUR side of the water meter!
Fingers crossed.
Ann x

Friday, 7 November 2014

Fabulous Fungii, Tremendous Trees and Lovely Lydstep .....

We have had so much rain lately - over 2 inches at least! 
Although we don't like it and it floods the lawn and ditch, 
it seems these fungi absolutely love it.
Our lawn is full of them.
They are all a gorgeous shiny dark brown
(Please click on the photos to get a better view.)

Does anyone know what sort of mushroom they are?
We can't find them in the garden books we have.
Please let us know if you can identify them - thanks.
In among the rainy days we had a glorious sunny warm day on Wednesday.
So we went to Lydstep Head.
It is a fabulous place for a walk.
The skies were blue and no clouds about.
Just the bare root and branches of some spectacularly shaped trees.
Shaped by the wind and the weather.
There was no wind while we were there
but in the rough weather they must be pretty strong to force this tree to a 90 degree angle!
Just the one yacht out for an evening sail.
Although because of the lack of wind they were under engine power!
Fabulous view across to Caldey Island.
At least the rain has stopped here now but the forecast is grim
so there are some pleasant reminders of good weather here.
Hope you are keeping warm, sunny and tucked up in whatever weather you are having.
Ann x

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

It's Autumn in our garden .....

A few bright berries for the birds.

Some buds on our fig bush, waiting to burst in the new year.

The Last Rose of Summer!

Its lovely to see those last remaining colours before everything turns wintery!
Ann x

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A Cornish Wedding ...

As I told you, the 'Drama Queen' quilt was made as a wedding gift for my niece.
I rolled it up and placed it surrounded by tissue paper in a colourful
peacock patterned box.
(Please click on the pictures to get a better view.)

Tied up with a white ribbon it was ready for presentation

Jenny and Ben loved it.
I was so pleased and happy that I had made it for them.
After signing the register
A very happy couple.
Even the vicar wore red and white!
The back of Jenny's dress was beautiful
And the bride wore red shoes.

Striking red and white wedding cake
(Ben supports Arsenal!)
and Ella, their dog, came too!
Jen and Ben with their aunties
Me and my three sisters!
My youngest sister is Jenny's Mum.

A beautiful end to a beautiful day.
Ann x

Friday, 10 October 2014

At last I can tell you about my latest quilt .....

I couldn't tell you about this before because it was a wedding present
and someone might have seen the pictures and let the cat/quilt out of the bag!
Anyway, here is the story.
I used a jelly roll called 'Drama Queen'
Just the thing for the bride I thought. She will appreciate it.
And she did!
The pattern was called Daisy Chain - don't quite know why
'cos it doesn't look like a daisy chain to me!
The border was made up with patterns of handbags and shoes!
My niece loved that, she saw both patterns pretty quickly.
She does love her shoes (as you will see later).
The quilt took me a very long time to make - 8/10 months in all
Mainly because I was determined to be very precise and make a good job of it.
I believe I have.
However, when it came to the actual quilting I really came unstuck.
I had five goes at quilting it myself.  I haven't learned to free motion quilt yet
and although I have done some in-the-ditch quilting it did not look right 
and there were five un-pickings!
So the quilting was done by Julie Peppiatt and she has made a
wonderful job of it.  I was absolutely thrilled with how it finally looked.
The back was definitely for the bridegroom.
He is a fisherman and lifeboat volunteer and very much in
touch with the sea - hence the blue wavy theme of the backing.
He said the back was 'just right for him'.
All in all a most satisfactory project.
My only stipulation was that the dog didn't sleep on it!
They decided they would snuggle under it in front of the TV.
I really feel I'm a quilter now and
already have three further projects lined up!
Happy Quilting!
Ann x