Monday, 28 January 2013

A frugal tip from Fuerteventura .....

On our wanderings around the various shopping areas in Corralejo
we came across these delightful, cheerful, trees outside several of the shops.
Thinking of you many "frugaleers" or is it "frugalees" I thought you would be interested.
I thought they looked intriguing, so I took a closer look.
 They are obviously plastic flowers.

The holding bottle is presumably weighted down with something - sand perhaps.
Then a branch is inserted and painted a bright colour.
It looks as though each flower is made from the top part of a coloured, plastic bottle,
cut so that the petals fan out and the lid becomes the centre of the bloom.
Each flower appears to be attached by brightly painted wire
to every brightly painted branch.
Just brings a smile to your face.
I might even have a go myself.
They would look cheerful in the sun, rain or even the snow!!
Hope you like them too.
Ann x

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Getting back to the quilting bug ...

After not doing any sewing for the past month, except a tiny bit of piecing,
I hardly remembered how to use my lovely new sewing machine.
It didn't take very long though!

I am having a go at a tote bag.
It looks so easy on the instruction sheet, but I struggled
to remember all the instructions about seams and ironing I had
been given at my weekly quilt gathering.
I had already cut the pieces out before we went away, but of 
course couldn't remember which was which!
Eventually I remembered to number the pieces before starting to sew!
And to remember which way the seams went.
Took me the whole afternoon but I was so pleased to get going again.
I still want to make quilts and already have several stashes of lovely
materials and some future ideas - some very simple.
I have started to make a sample quilt for us and think I will
find that quite a challenge.
Only three blocks made so far, and one cut out.
Plan to do some more tomorrow. Then I have my class on Thursday
and an all day quilting meeting (chatting, tea drinking etc!) on Friday.
So that lot should really get me off to a good start.
I still wish I had found out about quilting many years ago and love
to read all about the wonderful quilting you quilter bloggers do.
Some of your work is quite spectacular.
I plan to put a Rag Quilt on my list - as described by Kath on her blog - 
it looks really cosy and I hope I will be able to make one as good in the future.
Keep warm all of you surrounded by snow.
Our bit of Pembrokeshire has no snow at all, but 4 miles up the road northwards it is different story!
Ann x

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Life of Pi

We went to see this film in 3D last night.
Absolutely fabulous. We were mesmerised.
The last time we saw 3D was with cardboard glasses
with one lens red and the other in green.
The scenes are incredible, the photography amazing,
Having a tiger come right up to you is pretty frightening.
Having a humming bird fly out towards you is magical.
Just wonderful.
Don't be put off if you have read the book.
It is very true to the story.
You won't be disappointed.
Ann x

Friday, 18 January 2013

Aspects of Fuerteventura (1)

Some beach and garden flora

 There had been  quite a lot of rain in November and so there were lots of
different flowers appearing on the beach, in amongst the lava rocks - quite unusual for us to see.

The cactus were planted in the front of our apartment in Corralejo
The owner let me bring a couple of small babies home from one of her plants. 
Don't hold your breath that it will ever grow or flower in our climate, but I will have a go.
Sand dunes of the Parc Nacional

These dunes are spectacular, as I am sure some of you know.
They stretch for miles on both sides of road in to Corralejo.
The beach side has two huge hotels overlooking the vast beaches,
but the other side of the road is very barren and hugely windswept.
(Remember if you click on each photograph you will get a better enlargement.
This photo comes out particularly well.)
 These two camels were looking particularly fed up.
First, because no-one wanted a ride and secondly because their usual
complement of six or seven were reduced, so there were only the two of them!
Plenty of empty sunloungers to get photographically artistic with.
It was extremely windy, so no-one fancied to sunbathe and get covered in sand.
Waiting for business.
Hopefully these may brighten up your day if you are inundated by rain or snow.
Ann x

Sunday, 13 January 2013

We're back!

We're back from a great holiday in Fuerteventura.
I'll bore you with some photos in due time.
Meanwhile ...
What better way to celebrate your 75th birthday than in your birthday suit
and skinny dipping off the wonderful naturist area at El Cotillo lagoons
and swimming in crystal clear, warm Atlantic waters.
I have purposely put in the out-of-focus shot.
Don't want to frighten the horses!
A very Happy New Year to everyone
and a warm welcome to some new followers that have joined me while I have been away.
Ann x