Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Across the bay .....

Another stunning day
We went down to Saundersfoot again
So spectacular after all that terrible weather
Looking out to Carmarthen Bay
(Please click on the photos to get a much better view)
Kayaks tied up safely in the harbout
High and dry on the low tide
Water draining through from the holding dock
The children know that summer is never far away .....
Ann x

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Saundersfoot looked spectacular .....

Saundersfoot looking spectacular in the sunshine today

Had a fabulous walk along the beach,
around the harbour
stopped for bacon sarnie and coffee in the warm sunshine
just what was needed after all that wind and rain
Hope you've managed to get out in the sun too.
Ann x

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

What a Day! .....

As you know Tenby is usually tranquil and beautiful ...

When I got there this morning the tide was out and it looked calm ... ish
Then I got round to Town Beach,

It was very rough
The wind was howling
It was difficult to stand up
The sea looked very menacing
The town still looked calm
I hope you can see this video 
I could hardly stand up
The wind kept battering me about
The noise of the sea and wind was tremendous
Then I met these delightful doggies
waiting faithfully for their mistress
She said they had enjoyed the sand, rain and wind
She was going to take them home for a hose down.
I felt totally battered
We have had a very rough day, along with so many others
Having the full force of the South Westerly gales - Up to Force 12
A wind of 108 mph recorded in North Wales
90,000 folk with electricity cut off
We were one of them for about 6 hours.
Things have calmed down a lot now
Still sounds a bit blustery and there may be more to come.
Hope you are all well battened down
My heart goes out to any of you suffering from flooding
That must be so awful
We have only had to light some candles and turn up the gas
Love to all and keep warm.
Ann x

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Rain, sun, gloom, rain, sun, gloom .....

(Some blue sky just in case you haven't seen it for a while!)
And so it  goes on.
We are decorating our lounge, so the place is in uproar.
Furniture spread about the room.
Carpets covered with old cloths
Bits of wallpaper and paste on the kitchen table (no pasting table!)
Paint brushes washing in the sink
Half empty paint pots on the draining board
At least I have managed to Freecycle a load of candles and oil burners,
also four bags of VHS tapes.
Spare room full of books, books and more books
I'm sure we'll Freecycle or charity shop lots of those as well.
On the web all the time trying to find suitable new curtains
The old ones now look disgusting - why is that?
when they looked completely o.k. last week!!!
Must get a warming stew on the gas hob.
Thank goodness for the gas hob by the way because we were
without electricity for five hours last night.
Good job we still had kept back some bog standard white candles.
At least we were in bed by 9.30!
Hope you haven't been disrupted by storm Brigid.
Ann x