Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Signing off for a bit ...

We are off for a bit of a break
and take the opportunity
to wish all my lovely followers
and everyone else
a Very Merry Christmas
and a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy New Year
Ann and Other Half x

Sunday, 2 December 2012

A bit of an adventure ...

Well, after that traumatic journey to Cornwall
it was such a pleasure to give my grandchildren their quilts.
They loved them and snuggled up immediately,
and then took them off to bed instead of their usual duvets!

There was some very rough weather in St Ives when we visited.

Even the cormorant was having trouble.
Portreath Harbour struggling with the incoming tide.
The chance to watch my grandaughter's ballet class
when they gave a special show for visiting parents and grandparents.
Very special, as living so far away, this is something I am
not usually a part of.
On returning to their home, grandson then arranged his
own performance on the keyboard, so that he could get some applause too.
A wonderful grannie time.

All too soon on the move again and leaving Cornwall over Brunel's famous bridge!
Still a lot of disruption because of all the flooding in the Somerset area.
But I did get home in one 10 hour trip! 
Other Half was there to welcome me with a loving smile
but I couldn't get to him past the barrier!!
Of course, my ticket was to Carmarthen and I had only got as far as Swansea!
But they let me out!
My experience was only minor compared to all those who have suffered
the awfulness of flooding of their homes.
I was reading of a 90 year old lady whose home was flooded for the
second time this year.  Her rescuers were in shoulder high
water getting her out of her home and she fears she will never return.
I cannot imagine how devastating that must be.
Ann x