Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Aaah!! .....

Do you remember me telling you about Rupert?
He was the beloved dog of friends of ours, who died about a year ago aged 9.

This is their new labrador, Freddie - 7 weeks old - just beginning to be introduced to everyone.
A most delightful puppy who took up far too much time
when we were supposed to be discussing a Sebastian Faulks' book 'Engleby'
at our Reading Group meeting this morning.
We did manage a very good discussion in the end
accompanied by coffee and home-made fairy cakes.
Thanks to Margaret our host.
Welcome to Freddie and look forward to meeting you on the U3A walks.
Ann x

P.S.  Isn't he gorgeous?

Monday, 4 March 2013

A bit more quilting ...

I made the above bag all by myself!!
I mean without resorting to my teacher at quilting class!
I had planned to make three for Christmas (one for each of my sisters)
but found that quite impossible as I struggled with the cutting out.
Also one page of the instructions I was using was missing!
So that's why I'm pleased with it and why it is only just completed.

I have just finished the Dresden Plate block for my sample quilt.
I found this quite a challenge. 
Although it looks great in the photo, don't look too closely,
there are a few seams which need some extra attention.
Interesting but very fiddly.
The other blocks made so far are Tumbling Blocks, Rail Fence, Strip Rail
and Courthouse Steps.
Wild Goose Chase is next on the list.
I want to make about twenty blocks for this quilt and will obviously
learn a great deal in the making.
I am going to a Lecture by Kaffe Fasset in Lampeter in April which be a real eye opener.
There is also an exhibition of his quilting work in the Lampeter Museum which is 
on until November.
He always uses such vibrant colours for his quilting and knitting, so I hope 
to come away with lots of new colour ideas and perhaps change my outlook on bright 
colours, which at the moment are very neutral and taupe!!
Ann x