Saturday, 30 April 2011

April Scavenger Photos

I have found this month's photos quite difficult to find for some reason and haven't found an April Shower anywhere! Living in Wales as I do, there was nothing to commemorate St George's Day I'm afraid, although of course he did slay the Dragon!!!

This lovely sculpture is on the harbour in Corralejo, Fuerteventura.
The parish church of Begelly, Pembrokeshire.

The cross of the war memorial overlooking Freshwater West.

Lovely eggs from our Girls.

An interesting shop name found when I was on holiday.

Yellow laburnam in our garden this evening.

A book of Shakespeare's comedies, found in our bookcase.

A set of keys! My piano keyboard, which I don't play nearly enough!

My trusty compact camera.

Breakfast. Nearly always porridge and blueberries or other fruit of some sort. (I do usually cook the oats first though!!)

Sorry to miss out two of them but hope you like them and will do better next month!

Ann x

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Not the Day we Planned ...

Got up early, watered the garden and plants, checked The Girls were settled for the day, washed up and made the bed. Prepared our picnic, packed rucksacks with fruit and water and checked our walking boots were in the car. Were half-way there - then .....

OH was driving when the steering 'went'. We thought we had a flat tyre, but no, and oil was dripping down from underneath the bonnet, so we sent for reinforcements.
While important decisions were being made, I got the camera out.

Lots of pretty weeds about as we had drawn to a halt beside an unused school where the grass was a foot long and there were wild flowers everywhere.

The mechanic diagnosed that the power steering fluid was leaking too much for us to drive anywhere, so after he had made this decision he sent for help to tow us away! All this was being done via the AA. I have been a member for many, many years, but never used the service before and they definitely came up trumps. Of course there was now more waiting to be done, so off I went with the camera again ...

Never thought to photograph a car engine before, I don't think I will again!

In the old school playing field.

Lots of hawthorn blossom.

View across to the oil refinery from the school playing field.

The cavalry arrived in the shape of a very cheerful Paul who loaded us up ...

Tied us down tightly and took us back home to the local garage!

Diagnosis : A split in the high pressure hose. Should be repaired by tomorrow. I hope so, I have a hair appointment!!

Not the day we planned. Hope yours went to plan.

Ann x

Easter Car Boot ...

Went to the Bank Holiday Monday Easter Car Boot at Carew. Their regular car boots are enormous, but this one was pretty quiet as there had been one the previous day as well. Still, I enjoyed poking about ..

Now that everyone has given up smoking, this chap had an enormous collection of pipes that nobody wanted!
As there was so much space, the stallholders were making good use of all the spare grass!

I did find this little Torquay Pottery dish - presumably it had been an ash tray, because the motto on it said "Mind the carpet". £2 well spent.

Ann x

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Afternoon Tea ...

I usually make plain scones, but thought I would try some fruit scones for a change. We sat out on our patio in the sunshine with a cup of Twinings Tea each and indulged ourselves. Good job Easter Sunday afternoon tea only comes round once a year! Delicious.

Ahem!, ahem! - Just had a gin and tonic each before our roast chicken Easter Supper!

What a lovely day. Hope yours has been too.

Ann x

Saturday, 23 April 2011

This Week in the Garden ...

The garden is racing to life with all the sun we have had recently.

We thought the hydrangea was dead, but it is now proving us wrong!

Apple blossom on our James Grieves apple tree.

Our cherry blossom is always magnificent and this year is no exception.

Even the dandelions are looking attractive (if you like that sort of thing!).

Our Girls are very happy wandering around in the sunshine and dappled shade.

Have a Happy Easter.

Ann x

Monday, 18 April 2011

Charity Short Mat Bowls .....

Blogger is so fast it tried to publish this before I had time to tell you what it was all about! Well, short mat bowls as you can see. But it was a day long triples competition in Carmarthen to raise funds for a disabled swimming charity.

There were 32 short mats laid out for the competition (which had hosted the English Under 21 Short Mat bowlers the previous day). With two teams playing on each mat there were 192 players at any one time, so it was pretty crowded.

A busy, busy time with lots of crucial decisions to be made!
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and lots of money was raised for a very worthy cause.

Ann x

Saturday, 16 April 2011

"Men don't make appointments to have their hair done!"

Not my quote I hasten to add! Nuff said.

Ann x

Sennen Cove and Harbour

When you have sights like this on holiday what's a photographer to do?

The wonderful beach at Sennen Cove.

Lots of interest in the harbour.

"Where have you been Dad, we've had our walkies!"

Ann x

Friday, 15 April 2011

A Photographer's Moment in Pembrokeshire ...

Thought it was high time I returned to some Pembrokeshire pics for a bit. I seem to have been only taking 'snaps' for ages so have been giving much more thought (encouraged by the March and April photographic challenges) to taking some better images. I hope I have succeeded.

Amroth beach at high tide this evening.

I thought it looked like a viscious beast!

Sandals waiting for someone to take them down to the shore on Saundersfoot Beach.

? Stripey art?

A few hardy souls on the beach.

Someone had tried to build their own desert island.

Two slightly different shots of Tenby Harbour.

Will finish off my Cornish album soon.

Ann x