Tuesday, 27 March 2018

A Stressful Shock

This is not the normal kind of thing one might put in a blog, but I am at a loss.

A very close family member has just been diagnosed with Small Vessel Disease (SVD) or in other words, vascular dementia!  This has come as a terrible shock to everyone.  I know that it affects so many people and their families and we are at a loss as to how to begin dealing with it all and getting help for him and his carers.

The Alzheimer's Society have a support worker they are going to see and there are also carer's meetings held nearby which will be a great help.

I have also found out that there are various talking groups, singing groups and befriending groups available as well.  This is something that I had never had occasion to even think about as no other member of my  family had had this distressing disease.  Although my mother did need residential care in her last couple of years she was never diagnosed with dementia, only 'old age'.

How have you been able to deal with this kind of diagnosis and have you had any experience of looking after someone who has any of the dementia diagnoses that are listed under the Alzheimer's cover ?

I am desperate for advice and would welcome any comments you may give me.

Ann x

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Still Here

I know, its been ages since I wrote anything so I hope you are all getting on well while I have been away.

We have just had the last three days indoors because of The Beast from the East and Storm Emma.

Living in Pembrokeshire we barely know what snow is, so it was a shock to see so much at any one time.

Of course all the local children thoroughly enjoyed it all as they had no school and could just go out and play snowballs and toboggan down the road.

The main thing I noticed was the absolute quiet (after the noisy wind and blizzards had been through).  I had forgotten that snow was so silent.  It was strangely comforting and we spent a lot of time just sitting quietly listening to the radio and reading, as well as watching endless missed programmes on iPlayer and snooker and westerns!!

Back to normal now though.  Most of the snow has gone and it is pouring with rain!  So its back to shopping tomorrow then and also a trip out to my Reading Group.

We did have some lovely visitors to the garden though during the snow.

Beautiful Redwings

OH is making supper tonight. It may be sausage and mash, but I know he will make it very interesting.

~ ~ ~

Cheerio for now.  Hope to see you much sooner than before. xx

~ ~ ~

Monday, 5 October 2015

National Botanic Garden of Wales

We had a lovely visit to Wales'
National Botanic Gardens last week.
Just before the rains came.
Have a small look round with us.

We had not been for a very long time.
The walled gardens and hot houses were superb.
Couldn't photograph in the hot house because everything misted up!
As well as all the flowers, vegetables, and helpful and chatty gardeners,
there are superb views over Carmarthenshire.
The courtyard cafe has tasty food which we ate in the very hot sun!
A worthwhile day out if you are visiting Wales.
Ann x

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A few days away .....

We took ourselves off for a couple of days.
First via Abergavenny during market day.
Then to the Black Country Museum in Dudley
and finally back via Aberglasney Gardens.
Lots of pictures taken for you to scroll through
Hope you enjoy them.
Never seen pigs flying before!!

 Abergavenny town centre
Then onwards to Dudley for the Black Country Museum.

 I really fancied this 'yellow peril'.
We were told she had done the London to Brighton Run
 Not been in a red bus for a while.
Then it was round all the little houses
They had all been specially moved to the museum brick by brick
A lovely fireplace in the 'front room' 
Our scullery in North London had one of these coppers in the corner.
I grew up in Clapton during WW2. I don't remember my mother ever
using the copper for her washing though! 
The chemist's store 
The hardware store.
The range of goods to see was astonishing and would fetch a fortune at auctions.
Piles and piles of galvanised buckets, baths and pails
and lots of wonderful kitchenalia including the Tala measuring jug still in use today!

Another kitchen/outhouse, reminiscent of my childhood
My maternal grandmother had a similar mangle in her scullery. 

The above chain-making area was used during the filming of Peaky Blinders.

Last sight of the bus which gave tours round the grounds.

 Then to the beautiful Aberglasney Gardens, Carmarthenshire.

Ending with tea and cake!
Ann x

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Not seen every day .....

Saw this the other day
and thought it
made a change from walking the dog!

We don't have a dog
so this was an unusual sight!
Ann x

Sunday, 5 July 2015

How not to grow carrots!!!

When you sow your carrot seeds,
high off the ground,
so the carrot fly cannot find them!
Remember not to sow them too close together!

Or this may be the result.
They were very tasty in a salad though.
Ann x

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Jelly fish etc ....

I'm sure you have all heard about the large amount of jelly fish that are coming ashore.
We have had quite a few here in West Wales
as I found out this morning when I was having a paddle in the sea at Wiseman's Bridge!
When I turned round, there they were - or rather their bodies!
Most remarkable creatures.  I think they are the Barrell jellyfish.
They don't feel slimy, but are remarkably like very dense rubber.
I found them fascinating.
Some of their lovely colours shining in the sun

Glistening in the outgoing tide.
Then I walked through the tunnels to Coppet Hall
I'm pleased the flash shows exactly how the tunnel was hewn out.
When I got to Coppet Hall there was an even larger jelly fish to be seen.
The little girl was fascinated and kept running around it.
It was a beautiful hot morning and there were plenty of sunbathers
And swimmers
Afterwards we had some fine dining at the Wiseman's Bridge Inn!
This fellow helped himself to as much as possible before being dismissed!!
Hope you are having good weather too.
Ann x