Wednesday, 19 September 2007

You've Got to Laugh!

(1) My accountant recently had his 50th birthday party with a Frank Sinatra tribute act to complete the evening! He is also having trouble with his girl-friend. She wants to move in, having sold her house, but he doesn't want her to as she has a 10 year old daughter and no way does he wish to be a 'step-dad' having 'been there and done that already' with two grown-up sons. (I only went to see him to get my tax sorted out - and you don't want to know about the tenants in his converted garage!)

(2) Then on to the chemist to get our prescriptions made up. While waiting for same I needed to look for shoe inserts for other half's painful foot. There were sorbo ones, plastic ones, heel ones, 'memory' ones, odor-eater ones, small ones, medium ones, large ones, extra large ones. One for sore heels, arthritis of the feet, painful arches, aching feet, smelly feet. Other half will have to get his own!

(3) At the check-out of the local supermarket I had to wait while the check-out worker regailed the previous customers about the till breaking down, the card reader malfunctioning and a rude customer which she tried to placate when he ranted on about incompetent workers etc. She offered to send for the manager but he then disappeared. A few weeks after this incident, the tills were again playing up and the card-reader not working properly when who should the next customer be but the very same gentlaman(!). She apologised for the delay and he said 'don't worry, its not your fault' and was as nice as pie!

(4) The same check-out girl then went on to tell us about the morning she was rushing around getting ready for work and thought she should check the house was secure before putting her work uniform on. All the windows were closed, except the one in the bathroom. Check-out girl is small. She has to stand on the toilet to close the window. She has nothing on her feet. The toilet seat that is usually down, is up!!! ..............

Forgot to say - accountant's girl friend is 10 years younger than him!

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