Saturday, 14 November 2009

Short Mat Bowls

We have spent our day short mat bowling in the Pembrokeshire Short Mat Bowls Annual Rinks Competition (a fours competition) for The South Pembrokeshire Shield, at Heatherton . We put our short mats down on the main long mat indoor rink there and had eight mats out today.

Our team, from Llanteg, won the first match of our three, but then lost the other two and so did not progress on to the second round. We played (nearly) our best, but it was not good enough as there were some very good players attending today. So it was an early bath for us! Our next Heatherton competition will be the Annual Open Pairs Competition for The Joan Proctor Memorial Shield in December.

If you are interested in finding out more about short mat bowls here are some links to help you : , , ,

putting "short mat bowls" in any search engine should give you plenty of information.

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