Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Holiday - Snorkelling at El Cotillo

I always take my snorkel with me when we go to Fuerteventura. Our favourite area to visit is El Cotillo and the lagoons, on the north west coast of the island. This year the water was glass-clear and I had a wonderful time swimming and snorkelling. Then I remembered that my little digital camera could take photos under water!! The following are the results :-

I think these are bream. They were the most prolific with their
bright yellow eye surrounds
Not sure what these are, but they would come round my feet and
give a sharp nip on my ankles if I didn't watch out!

More of the pretty bream plus one or two other species.

When I got this on the computer I found I had a mysterious visitor.Look in the left hand corner. Can anyone tell me what it is? Doesn't look like an octopus tentacle, but might be a water snake.

These 'fairy-like' silver fish were everywhere and these were
around our feet in the warm tidal pools at about 6/8 inches deep.
Magical! Everyone should snorkel in shallow water.

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