Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Angle Tower

This 14th Century Tower was absolutely fascinating. As you can see from the description at the entrance, it had a drawbridge to enter and even a lavatory down in the basement! It was a three-storey dwelling house and it was a most interesting find. We had often seen it in passing, but because the leader of the group took us via a different route from the one we usuallly take, we went right past and naturally had to visit, even going right up to the top just under the 'look-out' roof.
If you open up the descriptive photo above, you can zoom in and read the information given by CADW about this tower.

Angle Tower

I don't think this narrow winder had any sinister implications, it was just there to let in the light. No arrows or hot oil!!

The fireplace was in evidence down in the bottom floor, so evidently knew the best way to get rid of their smoke.

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