Friday, 27 August 2010

Ouch! .....

We went to Haverfordwest this morning to sort out a new kitchen.
When we returned this is what Margot had left us!
Rosalind had laid her usual bog standard brown egg weighing about 45gms (note I am using grams and not ounces!). But Margot had laid a whopper (on the right) weighing 54gms - the one she laid yesterday (on the left) weighed only 40gms. We weren't there to hear if she let everyone know what she had done, but we are extremely pleased with her effort. In fact we just used the last of the commercially produced eggs up today, so its 'home produced - free-range' from now on. It's a great feeling to know exactly where and who the egg came from and what the hen has been fed on. We look forward to many more. Thank you girls!
No-one else laying yet.


Perranlady said...

Phew, it's no wonder they make a fuss when they're laying - wonder if it's a double yolk ! Sue

foreveryoung said...

Will let you know if it is, when we get to it Sue. I don't know how they do it. Ann

foreveryoung said...

You were quite right Sue, just had Margot's large egg poached on toast for lunch and it was a double yolker! It was cooked before I thought to take a photo! Ann