Saturday, 30 October 2010

Photocall ...

As they lined up specially on the wall, they presumably were wanting some attention!
Bluebell, Margot, Sussex, Speckledy, Henny Penny, Rosalind
They had been out in the garden on their 'free-range' time and I think they thought it was about time they had their daily mixed corn 'treat' before going into their pen for the night.
We have now had our girls since the end of July, but still Sussex and Speckledy are not yet laying (as far as we can make out by watching them and checking who is in the nest box). We are beginning to wonder if they really are 'girls' or just very slow coming in to lay. They were 18 weeks old apparently when we got them, so that makes them about 30 weeks old now. Their combs and wattles are less formed than the others and their faces are not so red, which I have read are marks of a pullet's maturity. If anyone has any ideas whether they should come in to lay soon or perhaps to find out if they may never lay it would be very helpful. Thanks.


The Cottage Garden Farmer said...

Hi Annie, I've had some pullets that were very slow to come into lay, I think a lot depends on the time of year they hatched, if they are going into the spring and summer they seem to start earlier than if they are maturing into the autumn and winter, when, traditionally hens lay less anyway. I'm sure they'll lay for you eventually! Kathy

foreveryoung said...

Thanks for your comments Kathy. I guess we will just have to be patient. We get 4 eggs most days from the 6 of them so really shouldn't grumble. They are great fun and seem to be very happy and always 'talk' and mutter to us whenever we go near to them. Ann x

bad penny said...

Mine took several weeks to lay - I got them last year in October. Their combs went bright red ! Only one laid for a while then the others joined in !
Not getting all four eggs at the mo - they go into a moult & put their energy into re-growth & not laying.
I found out everything I needed to know from two Bloggers so it's good to ask thse questions !
Sue at Our new Life in The Country is a great blog to follow )

foreveryoung said...

Thanks Bad Penny. I do follow Sue's blog and I know she has some chickens as well as everything else! so maybe I will ask her too. The poor girls are in a quagmire this morning as we have had so much rain, so really it isn't any wonder if they don't feel like laying! Ann x

sue15cat said...

Fantastic photo of your motley crew, they look just like mine. It's nice to see a mix of types of chicken and not just half a dozen the same. They look lovely and healthy too, a real credit to you.

I popped over here to read your queries, but I'll email you direct with my answer.

Sue xx