Friday, 3 June 2011

May Challenge ...

As usual I have had great trouble with this month's challenge, and I haven't managed to take all the pictures requested, but here are those I have done.
A portrait, black and white. My lovely Mum and Dad on their Wedding Day in 1935.
Texture - Medieval brickwork in Carew Castle.
A Red Door.
A Butterfly.
An interesting local building. A Pembrokeshire tin-roofed cottage (only used for storage now).
An emergency vehicle - at a local Hill Climb.
Something blue.
Another unusual building - a derelict clock tower at Picton.
A bicycle - or three.
Must do better in June.
Ann x


fabriquefantastique said...

All interesting images, lots of texture

Louise said...

I found it a challenge this month but I did get all photos taken and posted on time after lots of last minute scavenging!

I almost took the same photo for 'red door' but then I found a nice red door on a house! I didn't manage a real butterfly as I didn't see any in May (lots out now though!)

I'm glad the June list is a bit easier!


foreveryoung said...

Thanks for your comment Louise - but where will you find your elephant!!! It makes for some interesting innovation unless you live near a zoo or 'collect elephants'. It is a good list for June and I must make more effort. Ann x