Thursday, 25 August 2011


If you have never heard of or seen this duo, then make it your business to do so.
They are brilliant. Very talented, very likeable, very approachable and friendly.
They gave a concert at a local hall in Llanteg, near Tenby last night and all those who did not attend missed a wonderful evening.
'They' are Chrissy Mostyn and Richard Pilkington.
"widely predicted to be 'One of the finds of the year Chrissy's voice soars with emotion while Richard's accomplished guitar playing creates the perfect backdrop on which their breathtaking and highly personal songs are painted."
You can find out about them on their website at . They also have a short video on You Tube at .
They are shortly jetting off to tour in Australia and New Zealand where they have already found a very good following. We thoroughly enjoyed their music and songs - all written by themselves. Chrissy's voice is just mesmerising and quite unique and Richard's guitar playing is 'wow'.
Not to be missed if they come your way.
Ann x

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Hesta Nesta said...

I've just gone to their website and I agree they are fabulous!
Jo xx