Sunday, 1 April 2012

I've Not Been Idle .....

Recently at Foreveryoung Towers, we have been quite industrious.
Sprouting alfalfa and tomato seeds planted (Moneymaker, Gardener's Delight and Tigerella - as recommended by Monty Don. I have grown Tigerella before, but could not remember what they were called. I do remember that they were very tasty though!
Planted out the 21 giant sunflower seeds from a children's pack of seeds. As you can see they have all germinated very well, so we will have a sunflower forest - I hope!
Set the potatoes to chit in the garage.
Planted some Mixed Leaves, salad in the greenhouse. Some will go directly to the garden too!
Uncovered the rhubarb after having two pickings of forced rhubarb, which was fabulous!
Checked out the garlic, which is growing furiously and looking good.
Given one coat of wood stain to the garden seats. They are already looking good, but need a couple more coats, according to the paint tin!
Other Half has been repainting the fencing and enlarging our sunbathing area.
He is going to tidy it all up with some more slates and plants too.
With the recent fantastic weather and our garden gauge showing over 100 degrees (in the sun) we have already had two days sunbathing and topped up the tans from our winter holiday.
We are now ready for the snow and rain forecast to be arriving next!
I just hope they are wrong!
Ann x


Saphy Daniels said...

very industrious. I love your bench.

Kath said...

I like your bench too!
I've been digging brambles, nettles and docks today. Radox bath, here I come!

Shaheen said...

Wowee you have been a busy bumble bee.

I had some Tigerella seeds left over from previous years, but sadly they have not germinated, so no tigerella toms for us this year. But can compare notes for Gardeners Delight and Moneymaker. Will you be growing them in the greenhouse or outdoors? My mother has grown tomatoes outdoor in Wales before and have succeeded, excpet for last year when all she had was lots of green toms. Having only grown in Scotland and tomatoes in greenhouses, growing them outdoors will be a new one on me. Part of me wants to get a greenhouse...mmmm

Your garlic sure is looking good.

I hope they are wrong about the weather too, I've brought my plants in, don't want to risk losing them to the cold.