Saturday, 2 June 2012

Just as it starts to rain ...

... I wanted to show you how our June garden is bursting out all over ...

 The pine cones on the pine tree are literally bursting and when they are shaken
they spill out clouds of white powder (the seeds presumably) - just amazing.

 Not sure of the names of the above rockery plants.
 This azalea is a most beautiful prolific pink.
 Absolutely loads of lovely calendula primulas.  Quite a sight.
 Even more masses and masses of this clean, white hesperis.
I always wanted lupins and we bought these last year. 
They have doubled in size and are suddenly putting up lovely bright spears of flowers.
 Our Russian Potato Vine is absolutely enormous and covers a vast area at the bottom of the garden.
 Both apple trees have loads of small fruit.  I know I will have to remove some of them
in order to get a good crop, but for the moment we just admire how many there are.
 These tomato plants have been grown from seed.
Tigerella - and are nearly ready for the grow bags.
 I love red geraniums.
 Lots of this fabulous red rose climbing the fence outside the kitchen window.
Another gorgeous cream climbing rose on the fence.
Hopefully the much needed rain (can't believe I am saying that after what we had in April!)
will get everything off to a brilliant start.
We have potatoes, garlic, spring onions, chard, tomatoes, rhubarb, carrots, beetroot,
runner beans, cabbage, more tomatoes, kale, mixed lettuce, radish just starting
to show their faces.
Hope you're all having a good Jubilee Holiday.
Ann x


Kath said...

It all looks very lush and attractive Anne, I love the russian vine, I had a white one which travelled along several neighbours gardens.
I know its funny, isnt it, we needed the rain, the garden was all cracked.

ted and bunny said...

lovely pics, the colours are stunning!
Thanks for your kind comment Anne