Saturday, 23 November 2013

A fabulous evening ...

Yes, I am still here. 
Just carrying on with the everyday things of life.
Today was fabulous.  Lots of sun which was surprisingly warm.
The temperature was very low and cold though,
but this meant the air was clear and fresh.
We went to Freshwater West and then on to Stack Rocks.
What a treat.
I hope you enjoy our visit too.

War Memorial at Freshwater West.
There were in fact loads of people about, walking on the beach,
walking on the costal path and surfing.
It was a very low tide so the surfers were just specks in the water!
The Stack Rocks are at Castlemartin

Long, long shadows at 3.30 in the afternoon!!

This arch is called the Green Bridge of Wales.
Only accessible when the Castlemartin range is not being used for
army manoeuvres.
Like I said, the weather was absolutely stunning.
The sky was blue, the sea was blue and very calm and there was no wind.
Hope you have all had an equally wonderful day.
Ann x

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