Thursday, 16 January 2014

Back again ...

Just back from our lovely winter holiday in the sun.
So sorry you have all been having such a horrendous time,
but hope things will begin to dry off very soon.
Please note the change of blog name - but it is still me!
Being young at heart and ForeverYoung, Other Half and I decided
to give ourselves a treat and go horse-riding!

Our combined ages are 155 years!! OH is 79 and I am 76!
We did very well and loved every minute.
Our one hour excursion around the volcanoes near Lajares in Fuerteventura
was led by Julie and Paul of FincaJulie .  
They took great care of us and as a pensioner I was very pleased to wear a hat
labelled 'Junior Champion'.
What an experience. We would recommend it to anyone at any age.  The views were spectacular.
They also take more experienced riders on longer excursions and also on day trips to the
beaches with a trip to a restaurant as well.
Now we are returned I think I have got the 'trekking, hacking, excursion' bug
and have been trailing the internet for local riding schools.
Will let you know if I do any more.
As my walking is now quite limited, I was very emotionally moved to be able to
'walk' around the stark, fabulous volcanic countryside for an hour on 'Digby', 
something I would never have been able to do otherwise.
You're never too old to try something new!
Ann x
(P.S. Sorry about the odd changes in type etc. Blogger has been playing up a lot
and I have taken a long time to sort it out - and its still not quite right! - Hey Ho!)

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Kath said...

what great fun, good for you!