Sunday, 2 February 2014

Rain, sun, gloom, rain, sun, gloom .....

(Some blue sky just in case you haven't seen it for a while!)
And so it  goes on.
We are decorating our lounge, so the place is in uproar.
Furniture spread about the room.
Carpets covered with old cloths
Bits of wallpaper and paste on the kitchen table (no pasting table!)
Paint brushes washing in the sink
Half empty paint pots on the draining board
At least I have managed to Freecycle a load of candles and oil burners,
also four bags of VHS tapes.
Spare room full of books, books and more books
I'm sure we'll Freecycle or charity shop lots of those as well.
On the web all the time trying to find suitable new curtains
The old ones now look disgusting - why is that?
when they looked completely o.k. last week!!!
Must get a warming stew on the gas hob.
Thank goodness for the gas hob by the way because we were
without electricity for five hours last night.
Good job we still had kept back some bog standard white candles.
At least we were in bed by 9.30!
Hope you haven't been disrupted by storm Brigid.
Ann x

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