Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Feeling Hungry ....

Why am I feeling hungry?

Other Half has got us both on the Harcombe Diet
I didn't know anything about it
I do now!
We are on day 3 of the first 5 days
which is very strict
My tummy is rumbling
I long for a piece of toast and marmalade
OH just made me put the fruit scones in the freezer!
They are not allowed out for some time!
How long shall we be on it.
I think he wants to go longer than 5 days!
Then there is Phase 2 - Don't know what that is yet!
Can I stand it!
Will I last before running screaming to the biscuit/cake tin!
To be fair I definitely need to be dieting
My BMI is 28.8 - a bit too high
I won't tell you my weight - but for my 5ft 6ins it is too much
I will let you know if I lose any weight though
Has anyone else out there done this diet?
If so, how did you get on.
Other Half has the book on his Kindle, so it is difficult to drop 
in to it to have a look. But the book is pretty pricey.
Just dreaming!
Ann x

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