Saturday, 16 August 2014

A couple of trips out ...

Carew Castle
A visit to Carew Castle is always worth while
This time of year there is always something going on
They have a vast programme of events right through into October
Including Medieval Fun Days, Herbal Days,
Twilight Tours, Knights Templars  Days etc.
Their website is 
Nearly always a beautify sky nearby
They often hold their Medieval Archery etc, down by the water.
Tenby Harbour 

Our trip to Tenby frequently includes a stop at the harbour
for a huge mug of coffee and a piece of home-made cake
from the harbourside cafe down by the yacht club.
Today we shared our space with this
rather nasty looking specimen!!  
He had his eye on our cake, but we didn't let him near it!
Lots of visitors about bringing the town to life
Plenty on the beach, catching the boats out for fishing
or going across to Caldey Island
We bought some lovely Dover Sole for our tea.
Have a good weekend.
Ann x


mrsnesbitt said...

I saw that seagull in Whitby - watching our chips! Hungry blighter.

Kath said...

We didn't venture to Tenby during our week in Wales, but next year we must visit, as it looks like a lovely place. I hope we will find your cafe.