Friday, 7 November 2014

Fabulous Fungii, Tremendous Trees and Lovely Lydstep .....

We have had so much rain lately - over 2 inches at least! 
Although we don't like it and it floods the lawn and ditch, 
it seems these fungi absolutely love it.
Our lawn is full of them.
They are all a gorgeous shiny dark brown
(Please click on the photos to get a better view.)

Does anyone know what sort of mushroom they are?
We can't find them in the garden books we have.
Please let us know if you can identify them - thanks.
In among the rainy days we had a glorious sunny warm day on Wednesday.
So we went to Lydstep Head.
It is a fabulous place for a walk.
The skies were blue and no clouds about.
Just the bare root and branches of some spectacularly shaped trees.
Shaped by the wind and the weather.
There was no wind while we were there
but in the rough weather they must be pretty strong to force this tree to a 90 degree angle!
Just the one yacht out for an evening sail.
Although because of the lack of wind they were under engine power!
Fabulous view across to Caldey Island.
At least the rain has stopped here now but the forecast is grim
so there are some pleasant reminders of good weather here.
Hope you are keeping warm, sunny and tucked up in whatever weather you are having.
Ann x

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