Thursday, 4 December 2014

All sorted!

Just heard from the Water Board
They are coming next week to sort out 
the second leak
Because it is the other side of our front wall
they have the responsibility.
There are now lots of pretty blue
painted marks round our water meter and various
crosses by our boundary wall.
Thank goodness!
We do have an excess amount to pay, 
but that is minimal compared to whatever the full 
repairs must have actually cost!
Our insurers have organised everything,
including the 'underground' drain repairers, moving all
the necessary units in our kitchen and utility room,
digging a huge hole outside in our drive
and the other large exploratory hole that found the second leak!
All was tidied up, cleaned,and  swept.
We just emptied out the cupboards and provided tea and soup!
Make sure you keep your insurances up to date
You never know when you may need  them!
Ann x


Kath said...

Goodness what a time of it you've had, Ann. It will be heaven when you can put all this behind you. This sort of upheaval is a nightmare at the best of times, let alone in Winter.

foreveryoung said...

Thanks Kath. The builders were so good and kept everything very tidy, which was a godsend. Touch wood all upheaval is finished now and the rest will be continued out in the road!!