Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Fit to be on the Road! ...

I think I've told you that I am a member of the IAM,
the Institute of Advanced Motorists.
My card tells me that I have been a member for 'over 24 years',
no-one was more surprised than me when I read that.
Anyway, when I was 70 I belonged to the Group in Carmarthen and had
a driving assessment to make sure my driving was still OK
Seven years later I thought I should do the same again!
So off I went this morning, to meet the Chairman of the Group for him to
check me out.  We were out for over an hour and went down every type of
road and lane, wide and narrow, z-bends everywhere, huge, horrible
roundabouts and dual carriageways, busy roads, busy lanes and empty,
quiet bye-ways, going past castles, fields full of sheep and cattle
and finishing in the middle of the town at full-on prime-time
shopping in a supermarket car-park!
Verdict - all very good. Good anticipation and awareness.
A bit slow perhaps on some of the windy roads, (which, incidentally, 
I had never been on before) and I was just over speed once in a 30 mph area.
Not bad for an old one!  So I am very pleased and will keep it up as long as I can.
I really believe we should all be aware that as we age our perceptions
of things is sure to alter and that may be doubly so while we are driving.
So please make sure that you keep an eye on your own driving as well as
those nearest to you who may think they are doing better than they really are as they age.
If you would like an assessment just contact the IAM at and they will send you 
a form and information of your nearest local Group where you can be checked.
After feeling very pleased with myself, we went into town for some lunch and 
a look around.  Quite a treat as we don't get to the 'big shops' very often.
Got some lovely tomato plants in the local market.  Some cherry tomatoes
which I haven't tried before and also some MoneyMaker which always do well.
Re-potted them this evening and got the outside bed ready for when
they can be planted out properly.
Then we have just sat down to watch 'Gently'!
What a good day.
Hope you've had a good day too.
Ann x

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