Saturday, 4 August 2007

First Blog

Wanting to be up-to-date and not be left behind in my approaching old age (70!) I thought I had better start a blog. Everyone else seems to be doing it.

What should I put? You tell me! Any help would be welcome.

I can tell you about my family, my life, my health, my working life, my children, my grandchildren, my sisters, my Mum, my Dad, etc.

What makes a blog interesting?

I will start off with probably a diary and see how it goes.

Today - Sunday 4 August 2007 - has been memorable for being rather boring. This morning was taken up with checking out our new internet phone and seeing if it was working probably. We (my partner and I) spent yesterday afternoon setting it up. It took us a while as although we feel we are pretty IT literate, we frequently get bogged down with all the technology. Anyway the phone has now been charging up for 24 hrs, so I can phone you all via the net.

As it was raining we then watched afternoon TV (not too many groans please)! Thankfully this was interrupted by a friend calling in for a cup of tea. We were pleased to see her up and out and about as she has recently had a mastectomy, but she is 'fighting'fit and raring to go and although she is not allowed to drive herself just yet, feels well and ready for anything that may be thrown at her when her further lymph node biopsy results come through. She has been deluged with family and friends showing their concern for her which has been a great help and I am sure that anyone else who has been through the same thing will agree that help from any quarter is a wonderful thing. I recently had my own small breast cancer scare recently, but was fortunate to be given the all clear after two biopsies had been checked out.

What next in the day - oh yes - we went out to clean our motorhome and the car! Blissful! A bit of hard graft and getting soaking wet! Lovely!

At last the skies are now clearing and the sun is coming out. My next job is to clean up my bike. Peter and I have been for two proper cycle rides lately. Neither of us has been on a bike for at least the 5 years that we have been together. Our bits had not been so sore for ages. I will let you know how we get on with our cycling as we plan to do some more.

Peter is getting supper tonight and the smell is delicious. I know there will be a glass of wine coming my way shortly so I will close my first blog.

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