Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Sunrise Swim! - - - (Plus Update)

This was the beautiful sight that greeted me as I arrived in the car park at the swimming pool this morning at 7.25 am! Well worth getting up for.
I swam 70 lengths and am now at the halfway stage across the Channel Yippee! - 11.1 miles - so feel I am really doing some good in raising money for Aspire.
UPDATE - Friday 12 November
I plan to update weekly from now on as after my swim this morning I have now completed 790 lengths of my local 25m pool and am therefore now 12.2 miles across the Channel only 9.8 miles to go!


bad penny said...

well done ( thee is a lot in the news about cros chanel swimming at the mo ! )

A Bun Can Dance said...

Dear Annie
Wow, good for you! Hubby and I did the Aspire Channel Swim last year and it really is an amazing thing to work through and accomplish - good luck with it!
Thank you for your kind words about our special family news this week :-)
Happy days,
Denise x