Sunday, 9 January 2011

Welsh National Poultry Show

Just to look at some other chickens we went to the poultry show at Haverfordwest Showground this morning. It made a change to see so many fancy birds, which are mostly raised for breeding and showing I believe. They were many and varied as you can see ...

I thought these fluffy birds were just the thing for dusting the blinds in our bathroom!!
I am sorry not to know most of the names of all the many and varied breeds that were on display. Some of them were magnificent - especially the cockerels.

Several birds had this beautiful marking on their feathers, but in many different colours.

These were the many cups and trophies waiting to be presented.
Some of the many selection of eggs that were also being judged. (How do you judge an egg?)
But our girls are our prizewinners. Another 5 eggs today!
Ann x


eight by six said...

just to say thanks for popping by my blog today. We were just looking on the internet today at a cottage to rent in Pembrokeshire! Amanda

mrsnesbitt said...

We are getting one egg per day right now but always appreciated! No comparison with what you get in the shops!

Ohhh word verification - bugglers! now I know I have met some silly bugglers in my time - a new word for today! lol!

bad penny said...

There are some very funny looking hens around. One of mine looks awful at the mo as she's moulting. There are feathers everywhere ...I thought one of the cats must have had another pigeon !