Tuesday, 29 March 2011

March Photo Scavenger Hunt ...

I have really enjoyed this photographic challenge. Hope you enjoy it. ~

Something as old as me - Well, I am about 6 months old here!

~ Something green. An interesting colour for a hotel, but it certainly catches the eye!

~ A shadow. A memory taken from one of our wonderful holidays in Fuerteventura. ~
A fancy gate. Just the fancy gate latch in Colby Woodland Garden.

~ A lamb. One of my friend's lambs.
Something sentimental. When I was 16 I was the May Queen. I wore my mother's lace wedding dress. If I ever find the photograph I will post it up.

A rainbow. Sorry, not seen a rainbow for ages, but thought the rainbow of colours on this page from Sasha Kagan's Sweater Book might fit the bill.

A ring. The lovely Welsh gold ring that my Other Half gave me when we got together.

A Lion. Sorry no lions to be found around here, only a copy of this book on lions, by Jonathan Scott and signed by the author.

An empty chair. Waiting for the summer in our garden after its annual wash!

Peeling paint. Sadly, on the window sill of our utility room, in much need of attention.

A collection. My happy collection of rabbits.

I always tell everyone that I only had two to begin with!


Hope these fit the bill for the scavenger hunt.

Would like to know how to put them up on the photo site though.

Perhaps someone will let me know.


Ann x


Kathy said...

Great photos ... love that little lamb! If you click on the Scavenger Hunt logo on my sidebar it will take you to Flickr. You might have to register with Flickr first though, but it must be easy 'cos I've done it at some stage, and I can't cope with complicated technology!!!
Thanks for joining in!
love Kathy xxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I've only just come across the March Photo Scavenger Hunt and have enjoyed looking at all the photos. As usual, Annie, yours are great. I especially like the picture of the shadows and your collection of rabbits made me laugh. They're amazing!

Kath said...

What lovely photos! I was just about to ask if you started with 2 and then I saw what you had written LOL

bad penny said...

I have one of those rabbits mum gave me hers. Like peeling paint & shadows to. Great set of photos x

Louise said...

I'm so excited to see your Sylvac bunnies, and a yellow one too! I very nearly posted the yellow one my late Mum gave me as my sentimental photo for the hunt. Now that is a coincidence! I remember at primary always wanting to be either the May queen or princess, although I was never chosen. I love your baby photo. I have a photo of my brother in a similar pose. A lovely set of photos from you. x

Harriet said...

Love those bunneis - but is that a frog I spy in the corner?

foreveryoung said...

Yes Harriet, he/she is indeed a frog. I had a lucky find one day at a car boot sale. Ann x