Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Girls - Update ...

Just phoned their new family to check that they have settled in.

They were asleep when they arrived at their new home last night and therefore transferred easily into their house, which had gone with them.

They are happily 'pecking about and laying eggs'. Margot has already laid hers and one of the speckledys was making a noise and getting ready to do the same.

We are happy and relieved to know that everything seems to be fine.

Their new children will be collecting their eggs on returning from school this afternoon.

Relief on our part and happiness and excitement on the new owners.

Ann x


Kath said...

I''m pleased to know the girls have settled into their new home, you must miss their chuntering.

foreveryoung said...

Yes, I do Kath. It was always a pleasure to just sit and watch them and listen to their little arguments. Their new family are over the moon with them and loving every minute already, so we know they are in good hands. Ann x

bad penny said...

Glad to hear the girls settled in - you must be relieved.