Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Goodbye Girls ...

Our girls have moved on this evening.

They are going to a family to live in an orchard.

Bluebell, Margot, Sussex, Henny-Penny, Speckledy and Rosalind.

We loaded up their house and off they went, but not before ...

They gave us a farewell present of a magnificent two-yolker - from Sussex. She always gave us the dark brown speckledy eggs. Margot laid the white one, but we were never sure who gave us the others.

In January they gave us 108 eggs, in February 133, in March 180 and in April 141. A total of 562 eggs this year alone, the majority of which paid for their feed.

We have had them for a year and of course we shall miss them and their funny ways and hope they settle down quickly in their new home.

We are planning to move ourselves and downsize eventually so would not have space for them. Also we have not had any holiday break during the past year and wish to do a bit of travelling, maybe even purchase a trailer tent! But that's another story we hope.

Ann x


mrsnesbitt said...

I am sure they will enjoy their new home. Our hens are all laying well right now - we get 6 eggs every day. Nothing beats the taste eh? Hmmmm think I'll do a poached egg now - the thought of the eggs has made me hungry!

foreveryoung said...

Yes, Mrs Nesbit, we shall miss their eggs, although their new family say they will let us have some. The children of the family had already chosen them a new name each and were very excited to be taking them home, so we know they will be well looked after, which makes us feel much better for letting them go. Ann x