Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Trouble with Blogger .....

..... is that for ages I have (1) had trouble logging on - it wouldn't let me!
(2) if I did get logged on it wouldn't let me upload any photos!
(3) if I managed to upload any photos it wouldn't let me publish the post!
(4) it would let me publish the post if I ...
(a) autosaved the draft!
(b) opened the saved draft to edit!
(c) published the post from there!
(5) I wasn't able to post any comments in my own blogger name!
(6) became 'anonymous' for ages!
It looks as though blogger may have sorted himself (it can't possibly be 'herself') out now so that I can publish things properly, as I am logged in and have a photograph - hooray! Will press 'Publish Post'.
Ann x
(NO - it would publish, so I had to do it through the Edit Post method!!!!!)
Are you having the same problems??


fabriquefantastique said...

not at the moment...though I have in the past...went on for a week or so them...poof...was right again. It regularly tells me I am following no other blogs.....

bad penny said...

I had problems with photos a while back then problems commenting. At the moment seems OK but I'm keeping fingers crossed !