Monday, 26 September 2011

Catching Up (2)

Probably best to go to the website (link above) first then take a look at some of the videos - make sure you view the 2011 ones - "Ironman Wales 2011 Montage" is pretty good, gives the atmosphere. The 7.00 am swim was awesome in the rising sunlight. We went to Wiseman's Bridge to watch the cyclists going by (there were over 1500 entries, so they were cycling past most of the day. After their 2.5 mile swim and 100 mile cycle ride, they then had to run a full 26 mile marathon as well! The whole day was fantastic.
Did anyone you know enter? If so, I hope they had a wonderful time.

We all had bells and plastic 'clappers' to add to the cheering as every contestant went past.
My sister had a great time.
What next? - Ann x


Kath said...

I do like a man in lycra :-D

foreveryoung said...

Yes! Got a few shots like that! Ann x

Saphy said...

my friends brother does iron man events! I have never watched one yet but might go along one time...