Sunday, 25 September 2011

Catching Up

Been pretty busy lately -
First of all my youngest sister arrived for a stay ...
I am the oldest of four -
Mary 2nd sister, Myself 1st, Cath 3rd and Maggie Youngest
Our Dear Dad groaned when he thought of all the weddings!!! But they are other stories ...
We took Maggie to Anna's Welsh Zoo . This is run by Anna Ryder Richardson who used to do house and room makeovers - can't remember the name of her programme. She now does a lot of work in trying to save endangered species and also periodically has a programme on ITV.

Spot the new baby gibbon. (If you click on the pic it is enlarged and you get a better view.)

Managed to get my own shot of a nuthatch!
These are wallabies, the smaller version of the kangaroo.
We spent a most enjoyable day and Maggie enjoyed every minute, especially the lemurs.
A lot of very good work is being done here for endangered species.
Loads of information to be found on their website.
Then ...
Tenby hosted Ironman Wales !!!
To be continued .....


Kath said...

What a lovely photo of the smiling sisters!
Whats that on your t shirts?

foreveryoung said...

Thanks for your comment Kath. The logo is "Happy Sisters"! and its us again. We don't all get together very often, so its important to us and we like to have a memento. We live as far apart as Pembrokeshire, Staffordshire, Cornwall and Dorset. Ann x