Friday, 4 November 2011

Making the Advert .....

"Every little extra helps!" Tenby's legendary Boxing Day Swim is set to become even more famous when it features in a supermarket's Christmas TV advert.
They were filming on North Beach today with local 'extras' recreating the silly spectacle.
They're off!
Note the cameraman on the left!
Cameraman is going in too! Good job the lifeguards are on watch.
Cameraman paddling. Dedication to duty I say!
Return journey - towards Father Christmases holding trays of hot drinks!
More Lifeguards standing by in case of problems.
Tenby has had more than its fair share of television programmes recently.
Grand Designs, Ironman Wales, Don't Tell the Bride, Mayday Mayday
and Tenby 24/7.
I reckon everyone taking part had a great time.
500-odd people usually take part in the actual Boxing Day swim so the film may be 'tweaked' digitally to make it look as though there are many more people (so we were informed by a photographer standing by looking on).
Look out for the adverts at Christmas.
Ann x


Kath said...

What fun! no TV here, so I shaln't see it until someone puts it on youtube :-D
I paddled in the sea on my birthday one October, which was quite warm, in St Ives Cornwall. The same year my friend swam there on boxing day brrrr!

ted and bunny said...

hiya- thanks for your comment and info about the fungi; I never realised there are so many different ones out there!

Hope you have a good week