Sunday, 30 October 2011

An Extra Hour .....

In which to contemplate recent walks .....

Miners Walk and Kilgetty Woods
It had been very wet and I planned a 'Berry' nice walk in the mist and rain,
But the sun came out and we followed the Begelly/Kilgetty Miner's Walk, starting with the railway bridge over the main line to Carmarthen, Swansea and Cardiff.

Because of the rain it was very lush and green everywhere.
With beautiful views across the valley towards Kilgetty Farm.
Past little waterfalls
Autumnal bracken
Then we got lost for a bit ...
But found the bridge by the footpath eventually
Which led us through the woods and out in to the village of Kilgetty
then we went to ...
Little Haven ...
Little Haven Beach, looking across St Bride's Bay
Spectacular scenery
Wonderful warm, sunny weather
Lunch at the St Brides Inn (formerly St Brides Hotel)

With its own well - inside the bar! ....
The water was crystal clear and was very good.
Being a seaside hostelry, we chose fish soup and 'pint of prawns' for our lunches.
An excellent place to visit if you are ever in Little Haven.
Hope you have had a lovely weekend and used your extra hour well.
Ann x

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