Thursday, 31 May 2012

Saundersfoot at Low Tide ...

Saundersfoot is always a lovely place to visit, but at this particularly low tide it took on a much more interesting aspect.
I wondered what 'An Dobhar-cu' meant and this is what I found out via the internet :

The Dobhar-chú is a creature of Irish folklore and a cryptid. Dobhar-chú is roughly translated into "water hound." It resembles both a dog and an otter though sometimes is described as a half dog, half fish. It lives in water and has fur with protective properties. Many sightings have been documented down through the years. Most recently in 2003 Irish Artist Sean Corcoran and his wife claim to have witnessed a Dobhar-Chú on Omey Island in Connemara, County Galway. In his description the large dark creature made a haunting screech, could swim fast and had orange flipper like feet. The Kinlough Stone is claimed to be the headstone of a grave of a woman killed by the Dobhar-chú in the 1600's and shows an old drawing of the creature. Her name was supposedly Gráinne. Her husband heard her scream as she was washing clothes down at the Glenade lough and came to her aid. When he got there she was already dead, with the Dobhar-chú upon her bloody and mutilated body. The man killed the Dobhar-chú, stabbing it in the heart. As it died, it made a whistling noise, and its mate arose from the lough. Its mate chased the man but he killed it as well. Also The Glenade Stone, found in Conwall cemetery in Glenade, Co. Leitrim also depicts the Dobhar-chú and is related to the same incident. Note that dobharchú is a modern Irish word for 'otter'. The modern Irish word for water is 'uisce' although 'dobhar' is also (rarely) used. 'Dobhar' is a much older form and cognates are found in other Celtic languages (e.g. Welsh, 'dwr', water). 'Cú' is 'hound' in Irish (see, for example, 'Cúchulainn', the hound of Culainn).The Dobhar-chú is also known as the "dobarcu", and anglicised as "doyarchu" and "dhuragoo".
So presumably the boat is named Water Hound!

The chap on the right holding his bag of fish (?) was actually complaining that someone had moored in his place!!

It was great to find the tranquility down there, because there were a lot of folk about on the beach and in the sea.

One of our favourite places to visit.
Ann x

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