Saturday, 17 November 2012

My Second Quilt ...

Here is my second quilt - this one is for my youngest grandson.
He loves the sea and has already had a go at surfing -
so I hope he likes the blues in this (difficult to photograph the colours) quilt
and I am certain he will like the dugongs or manatees
(just checked on line and am still not sure which is which).
Plan to visit the grandchildren shortly and am looking forward
to passing over the quilts to them. I hope they like them.
This quilting business is so addictive.
I have the makings already for
three bags (for my 3 sisters)
one small quilt (daughter)
one wall hanging (no. 1 son)
one wall hanging (no. 2 son)
one sampler quilt (just for ourselves)
I love looking at the work all you other blogging quilters do
I do follow several of you
Some of your work is amazing and so intricate,
especially when you do the lovely hexagons and piecing.
That is something else that I am starting to have a go at too!!
Hey Ho!  Not enough hours in the day and I am loving it.
Ann x

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