Monday, 15 October 2012

Finished at last .....

In June I went to a quilt exhibition and was almost immediately hooked.
In July I bought the necessary accessories and some materials.
I was shown how to put it together and made up some machine quilting designs.
Picked out my backing and am so pleased that my quilting patterns show up well.
Ta Da .....
Completely finished today!  (For my grand daughter, but please don't tell her!)
Yellow Brick Road pattern.
My very first quilt - at 74 years young, I just wish I had started years ago!
My second quilt doesn't have too much longer to go either.
Chuffed to bits - Ann x


Kath said...

Oh Lord, you've been infected with the quilting bug Ann! he he there is no cure :-D
You did a great job on this quilt, well done. What's next? any plans?

foreveryoung said...

Thanks Kath. Yes, well and truly hooked. Second quilt (for grandson) is at the quilting stage already! Also a couple of other things in the pipeline!!! Its a great thing to be hooked on. Ann x

ted and bunny said...

how many times do I say "I wish I'd started years ago" and my husband wisely replies "well, you've started now..."
The quilt is an utter delight- I always think that the love stitched into every squaure is the MOST vital ingredient.
Hoping that all is well with you and yours

Sacha Brenda said...

Very pretty! I bet she'll be really happy with it and the two of them will surely have lots of snug moments to share together. :)


silversewer said...

Well done, its very pretty. I am sure it will be treasured

silversewer said...

Well done, that quilt is so pretty I am sure it will be appreciated.