Friday, 15 February 2013

It went down a treat! ...

Yes, of course I mean
the Valentine Coconut Ice.
I took it to our Short Mat Bowls match last night
Passed it round to everyone.
It put them in a good mood
and I even got a round of applause and thanks
for making it
which was very nice.
At my quilting class in the afternoon
One member had made us some heart-shaped Valentine biscuits.
They went down very well too
It is good to send out some love and affection to friends
Hope you all had plenty of love and affection for Valentine's Day
Ann x
(P.S. Although I gave my opponent in the Singles Match
two lots of Coconut Ice he didn't let me beat him.
As he is one of the best singles players in our league I
felt I did very well to get a 9-9 draw!  Well pleased!)

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