Saturday, 2 February 2013

A trip to Tenby between sunshine and showers ...

We popped in to Tenby this morning for a bit of shopping and a walk around.
Thought you might like to come with us.
(Please click on the photos to get a much better view.)
 Looking back across town from the top of Castle Hill.
The sun was trying its best to appear over the bandstand and St Catherine's Island.
There were two lots of sailing boats huddling round a marker buoy.
Presumably they were racing. We weren't really sure, but could even hear the sailors shouting at one another,
their voices carrying to us across the water, which was very calm.

One of the Castle Hill canons keeping an eye on things!
Prince Albert looking down over Tenby and the harbour from his lofty position.
Spring starting to show its face as the first daffodils are starting to open.
The bandstand, overlooking St Catherine's Island with Caldey Island in the background.
The town beach was washed clean, and there were quite a few
walkers about.  We went down there ourselves as well.
Hope you enjoyed our little trip with us.
Ann x


Kath said...

Lovely photos- such a blue sky!

The bike shed said...

There are few finer places in Wales than Tenby out of season and with a clear sky. I wrote about a walk to Tenby in my book, and was somewhat ambivalent about the town that day, but I have warmed since.

Denise Nesbitt said...

A lovely walk - blew the cobwebs away!