Sunday, 11 August 2013

Our Pembrokeshire garden is struggling ...

... To come to terms with all the different weather we have been having lately!
Scorching temperatures of up to 30! 3inches of rain in two days!
Sudden low temperatures of 9 and much shorter days now!

Flower pot corner is suddenly bursting at the seams and everything is overgrowing.
This wonderful purple clematis is flourishing like there is no tomorrow
The bees are finally finding food and are absolutely everywhere!
The echinops have never been so prolific and they are full of bees to.
Of course they all flew away as soon as they saw the camera!
Very pleased with my crop of garlic.  It should last us quite a long time.
Our last year's crop lasted well into April this year.
Quite a lot of apples, but they are small still.
I should have picked a lot of the tiny ones off as soon as they showed,
but didn't do it this year, hence the smaller fruit.
The same with our other tree, but they are looking good too, if small also.
Tomatoes are a distaster!!  I think I will give up and not try to grow any more.
Last year's were a  wash-out because of all the rain and most of them went black and
this year's just don't seem to be growing at all.  They really are as small as they look!
(The less said about my potato crop the better!)
Herbs are very abundant though, especially our rosemary. The plant is huge and OH
has already taken some cuttings to start off more plants.  We also have good crops of
golden oregano, mint, fennel, lavender and thyme.
Our lovely hydrangea is beautiful though and the pinks all merge into
each other and fade into purple, making up for all the failures.
Hope your gardens are all doing well.
Ann x

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Kath said...

lovely! our apples pear and walnut trees are covered in fruit this year, unlike last year which I put down to the cold spring and the jackdaws and squirrels stealing the fruit. I think they were hungry because their usual foods were in short supply.